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When your business needs plumbing help, it might be easy to think that any plumber will do. But in reality, commercial plumbing is quite different from residential plumbing. Everything from the structure of a building to the daily dynamics of life at a business all add up to make commercial plumbing a unique skill set. Top Notch Plumbing and Drain, LLC has 14 years of experience serving Gilbert and the East Valley with commercial plumbing services. 

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Top Notch Plumbing and Drain, LLC has extensive experience with commercial plumbing work. We’ve spent over 14 years serving the business communities of Gilbert and the East Valley. We understand what to look for and how to secure your plumbing structure for the long haul. 

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Ways Commercial Plumbing Is Different from Residential Plumbing 

There are several differences between commercial and residential plumbing, but they all ultimately trace back to a single word — volume. Businesses use more water than homes do, and it’s not hard to understand why. The volume of water required leads to differences in these two areas of plumbing .

Daily Usage

In a business, everyone uses the bathroom, and everyone who spends time in an office or store likely needs a drink of water at some point. 

This distinction means more than a higher water bill or the need to call a plumber a little more frequently. The water needs of a business likely require different types of pipes with strong durability and grading. Your commercial plumber needs to be familiar with them when they come for a repair job. 


Increased water usage can also result in a more complex plumbing system. The business will need enough bathroom space to accommodate everyone’s needs. The result of this can be a more complex piping structure than what would be found in the typical home. 

A business that is on multiple floors can have piping that is even more intricate, perhaps needing to wind its way to reach all the access points that require water. An experienced commercial plumber will be familiar with what’s needed to diagnose a problem, and they’ll be more prepared for the inevitable surprises that complex systems can bring. 


When a homeowner gets a higher-than-expected water bill and suspects a leak, it’s probably easy to find. There are only a handful of access points that can be the culprit. This is not so in a commercial structure. The source of the leaks can be harder to find, and the costs associated with not finding the leak can be more severe. 

Municipal Codes

All businesses have some type of health code that must be followed, and those codes will apply to the cleanliness of the water supply. If the business is a restaurant or any other enterprise that works with food, the safety regulations will be even stricter. 

A good commercial plumber will know what’s necessary for compliance because they work with municipal regulations every day. A plumber that only works residential can mean well, but they may be unsure of commercial compliance considerations. 

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